Beth Buelow

If you’re not amazed, you’re not paying attention.

Every day, there are moments and perspectives that we miss when we move too fast, work too hard. I want my images to serve as speed bumps that invite us to slow down, get out of our head, and connect with our imagination.

Feeling amazement isn’t exclusively the domain of bright shiny objects, epic vistas, or grand gestures; it can be born from more subtle, often overlooked expressions of symmetry, color, light, patterns, texture. My professional training as a musician informs my photography by way of taking the literal (notes on a page, a flower, staircase, or old barn) and honoring the intent while offering new interpretations. Since life and people are full of contradictions, I like to experiment with techniques that reveal complex layers in a creative way: intentional camera movement, multiple exposures, macros, and specialty lenses.

My perspective is often introverted: it comes from the inside, out. Introspective. Deceptively simple with hidden depths. Calm, cool, collected. I look to either highlight or strip away detail to emphasize the essence of the subject and invite the viewer into a new story.